Andrea Byrge Head Shot Session

Andrea Byrge Head Shot Session

What a fun day in Lake Nona doing an outdoor lifestyle head shot session with Andrea Byrge.  Andrea is a realtor at Heritage Park Realty and wanted head shots that match her style and working lifestyle.  It was so easy to work with her in this beautiful outdoor location to get a few different looks and styles that she wanted.

In the summer, it is easier to meet early in the morning before the heat, humidity and afternoon storms show up.  And the morning light is so beautiful too!

Cari Rubin Photography

Andrea Byrge, Heritage Park Realty

I define a ‘head shot’ as any shot of you that defines YOU!  How you want to market yourself and/or your business.  This could be a traditional head/shoulders type view, a navel to head view, a ¾ body view, a view of you with your product or performing your unique work.

Does your current head shot give the first impression you want it to?   Is it current?   Do you still have the same hair style or hair color?    Invest in yourself and your business!  A picture can make or break whether a client chooses to interact with you further.   Let your head shots help tell your story!

Cari Rubin Photography




Ribbon Cutting Event Photography

Ribbon Cutting Event Photography

Fine d-Zine Signs Ribbon Cutting Grand Opening

I love watching other entrepreneurs start, grow, and blossom.  Congratulations to Curt of Fine d-Zign Signs in Saint Cloud, FL on their Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting.   It was a pleasure to photograph the festivities ahttps://www.finedzinesigns.comnd capture the fun times, food and attendees!

Fine d-Zign Signs Ribbon Cutting

Fine d-Zign Signs shop

Special thanks to Annette Hemphill from An Affair of Excellence and Denise from Sierra Settings and Events for making the shop beautiful and the evening flow without a hitch!   The Lake Nona Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Saint Cloud Chamber of Commerce were both on hand for dual ribbon cuttings!

Fine d-Zign Signs

Lake Nona Regional Chamber of Commerce Ribbon

Saint Cloud Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Signing

Music, amazing BBQ from Jimmy Bear’s BBQ and boozy, cool, yummy dessert from Chill Pop Lounge, bartender, flowers, prizes, and most of all a great place to get your sign and vehicle wrap needs fulfilled.   Love the tour of the shop and all the various product types they can handle for any of your sign needs!

Chill Pop Lounge Treats

Curt / Fine d-Zign Signs and Annette / An Affair of Excellence

Congratulations Curt!


What’s in a Head Shot Session?

What’s in a Head Shot Session?

I loved working with Jeanne!   She needed some corporate/professional head shot images, but she also wanted some branded fun style images.  We were able to accomplish both objectives in one session.  We met in Lake Nona.  I was able to use the same backdrop for her, but added different colored gels, lighting and designs to give her different looks she can use for different business and marketing needs.  It is great to get to know clients in depth and learn  what their business is about and what they want their clients to know about them, right from the first glance at an image on their website and social media.   You can learn more about Jeanne – a Certified B.A.N.K.™ Trainer, the only methodology in the world, scientifically validated to predict buying behavior – by vising her LinkedIn page and Facebook page.

Cari Rubin Photography, Head shot, Lake Nona      Cari Rubin Photography, Head shot, Lake Nona      Cari Rubin Photography, Head shot, Lake Nona


Reasons Why I Print

Reasons Why I Print

Reasons Why I Print Images

I made some fun deliveries last week and two things happened that made me smile and tear up!  I keep mentioning to clients, on my Facebook page, to friends – “I don’t just want to be a photographer, I want to be a photographer who creates lasting, beautiful works of art.”  Whether that is a Christmas ornament, a canvas wrap, metal print, or large gallery art item.  It is important to me to not only capture these unique images, but to have them out and about and visible in clients’ homes.  Displayed, loved, appreciated, laughed over, smiled at.  You get the point.  I don’t want images to be in some digital otherworld, where you must search for it just to show it to someone for a few seconds on a digital screen.

The two experiences:

  1. A young lady – I gave her a special image from her session in a frame.  Her response was, first a hug, and then she said, “this may sound strange, but I’ve never owned a photograph in a picture frame before!”  I know for sure, that she already cherishes this, but more importantly she will see this every day and smile each time, many times, per day.  How cool is that!
  2. Another client of the Baby Boomer generation who does not even have email – When she received her framed image, her response was, “Thank you so much. I never would have taken the time to bother putting it in a frame.  I will cherish this forever!”

These were such amazing compliments and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about how that small ‘thing’ changed all three of us that day.  What are you doing to preserve your memories in images besides keeping them on an electronic device somewhere?

Meet Spike and Taz

Meet Spike and Taz

One of the reasons I love what I do!

I had the honor and pleasure of photographing two very special senior dogs.  Taz and Spike!   These boys are teenagers.   I asked about taking them in the yard without a fence, without leashes and the response I got was, “they don’t go very fast anymore”!   Well, they sure don’t, but what they no longer do in speed, they made up for in personality.

This photo shoot was a surprise for their human Dad!  We made a very special photo book of the images as a gift.  I love printing my client images for them as keepsakes.  I love that my friends and clients will always have something special to see every day or when they want.  And we just can’t help laugh each time we see some of these images that we captured that day.  There were lots of carrots and lots of peanut butter sharing.  Lots of love, hugs, grass and dog hair!  And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

It warms my heart when pets are truly part of the family.  I loved seeing how much joy these guys all bring to each other.  And I loved hearing the funny, quirky, amazing things this family does to make sure these dogs have the best care and best life possible even as they get older.

Life is too short to be unhappy!   So hug those pups, kitties and each other!

December has begun!

December has begun!

December has begun!

Here are my random thoughts of the day:

December:    It is already December 3rd!  So hard to believe.  I have done 6 days of mini-pet holiday sessions.  What a joyful way to spend my days.  And, oh the laughs and smiles as I process and edit the digital file photographs behind the scenes afterwards.  Then I get to wait and see which photographs my clients select.  I especially love when I am with them, when they see their images for the first time.


Print: Now I will continue to set up photo sessions that allow me to continue to grow and expand into PRINT.    Here are 4 highlights on print photography from Florida landscape photographer Carolyn Hutchins.  You can read her full blog post here:

1. Digital only goes so far, 2. There are innovative mediums to choose from, 3. You’ll uncover new perspectives, 4. Tangible is trendy

Think back to visiting your parents and grandparents and seeing all your family members in large portraits on the wall and in photo albums – reminiscing and laughing when you saw those images.  My goal is to help keep that magic alive in print form.

Christmas Trees: I am getting ready to put up my Christmas tree tonight. I’ll have some friends over and we’ll listen to Christmas music.  This year, the pink ornament tree is going up.   I have multiple themed Christmas trees.   Some years three or four trees go up around the house and screened porch.   Other years, like 2017, I’ll be putting up just one in the living room.  Some of my other themed trees are: Patriotic, Disney themed, Santa Claus, All my Family and Travel ornaments.  My white Christmas tree crapped out this year!  I broke the tree stand and was unable to fix it, remove it or swap it from another tree.  I’ll be looking for a new white, pre-lit Christmas tree on clearance after the 25th.  Hit me up if you see any locally.

New Head Shots for 2018: Feel free to reach out to me for those unique, outdoor head shots for your social media marketing.  Book those appointments and start out 2018 with fresh photographs to grab the attention of your clients.  Looking to show the world who you are?    What represents YOU and what YOU and your brand are about?   We can capture that together!

Life is too short to be unhappy!



Holiday Season 2017

Holiday Season 2017

The holiday season is upon us!

The last couple of months have been busy and eventful – both personally and professionally.   I’m working on getting blogging to happen more often and more from the heart.   ‘Talking’ about what I’m doing (and feeling) in a public forum does not come naturally to me.  However, I see the creation of photographs that tell a story, a snap in time, a piece of your life to be pretty darn personal; so, I want you to know more about me too.  I love the personal connections I’m making and growing with my clients, a   nd many have become amazing friends too!

I also now have an accountability partner (we are both photographers) and my promise to Lisa this week was to do a blog post.  I love the extra push this gives me to keep stretching outside my comfort zone.  It allows me to keep growing and expanding.

What have I been up to in November?   Three family birthdays and celebrations, Thanksgiving, helping a friend move, having surgery and recovery, dinners and bon fires with friends and taking lots and lots and lots photographs at my mini-holiday pet photography sessions!!  Special thank you to East Orlando Animal Hospital for selecting me as their client photographer this year.

I’ve been having a great time doing these mini-holiday-pet photography shoots.  Pet photography is a big piece of my photography business, though not the only genre I shoot, and I am loving it!    I cannot say this enough ~ I Love My Life!!

I love getting snuggles and kisses and funny photos!   I love the response of puppy parents (a few kitty parents), when they are amazed at my final prints: “how do you get the dogs to pose like that?”, “Awe, look at that face!”, “Oh my, I love them all, you make deciding which ones to purchase so hard!”.

I am rocking my goal of creating these lasting memories when I capture a photograph.   To evoke those feelings of love, laughter, silliness, seriousness, remembering.  Our animals can’t stay with us forever and our kids grown up and our parents age, but these photographs capture a moment in time to cherish.   At this time of year, I get to combine my love of Christmas and my love of animals with photography = Magic!


I wish you all the magic of the holiday season. Of remembering special memories from childhood and previous years and the wish that you continue to create memories every day!

PPA and Success

PPA and Success

PPA Business Challenge – How Do I Define Success?

I am a PPA (Professional Photographer of America) member.  For the next year, I am enrolled in their Business Challenge course.   I’m excited to network and engage and learn from other amazing photographers in the industry.  Long-time professionals and newbies alike!   I had to answer the following questions and here are my responses:

How do you define success? What does success look like for you in your life?  I define success as loving what I do and enjoying everyday!   I want to make sure that the people I come in contact with personally and as a photographer are treated kindly, given a smile, and have a better day because we interacted.  I am passionate about life.  Life is too short to be unhappy.   Success is also having passive income (stock photography and other passive products/ventures) and being able to set my own schedule and spend time doing things I love and being with people/friends/family who are amazing.

What do you want/love to photograph?  I love capturing those one of a kind memories.

I love doing pet photography and travel/landscape photography.  This combines my love of animals and my love of seeing new places.   I also want to branch out into animal rescue and take photographs of pets available for adoption so more of them can find forever homes and be loved and spoiled as they deserve.  (see more below)


For my stock images, I tend to focus in on the smaller details of an overall scene or a unique angle of a regular item/event – although not necessarily macro photography.    I love capturing the joy of the moments that make up everyday life and celebratory events.  (see more below)


For my head shot clients, I want them to walk away from a session having enjoyed themselves, being more relaxed than when they started and finally – seeing the final proofs and LOVING the way they turned out.   These head shots represent what is unique about them in their individual business settings and how they want to be represented.   (see more below)


For my business/social media photography – again, I want to capture unique images that a) represent your business/product and b) are not the same images everyone else is using.   I want customers to see an image and stop…and do a double take at how unique an image is or what kind of emotion an image evokes and makes your clients want to learn more about you and your business.

Life is too short to be unhappy!   What do you do that is uniquely YOU and that makes others smile?


June and Orlando Wetlands Park

June and Orlando Wetlands Park

It has been a very busy June for me!   Growing and building my own business is an incredible feeling and I am loving every minute of it.    I have been networking and meeting amazing people and business owners through the Lake Nona Regional Chamber of Commerce and East Orlando Chamber of Commerce.   So many resources available.   So many ways we can all help each other grow and refer business to each other and offer support.

I have been going on photography outings to continue to build my portfolio and stock photographs!   This month I have gone to watch the sunrise over the Orlando Wetlands Park in Christmas, Florida.  I’ve watched the sunrise over Cocoa Beach and the Cocoa Beach Pier.   I have watched sunsets from the Lake Nona area.  I’ve seen amazingly beautiful rainbows after the storms.  I would dance in the rain if my camera could stay dry!

I have had the pleasure of doing some photo shoots of a 13 year-old going to her 8th grade awards ceremony, an adult mother and daughter photo shoot – those two sure had me laughing the whole time, and an 8 year old’s First Communion celebration.   Being able to capture these precious moments and the love and joy for these families brings me happiness.  Giving lifetime precious memories: priceless.

I’ve gotten to spend time with my two brothers and my three nephews.  Love summer time and pool time and family time.  Oh, and coffee and dark chocolate too!

Information from the City of Orlando website ( ) about the park states:

“The Orlando Wetlands Park is a man-made wetland designed to provide advanced treatment for reclaimed water from the City of Orlando and other local cities. The Park is 1650 acres in size and located in Christmas, Florida. Visitors may enjoy primitive and passive activities at the Park. Hours are sunrise to sunset, 365 days of the year.”

Here are a few shots from the Orlando Wetlands Park where my friend Marco and I managed to see so many animals, although the neither of us was quick enough to capture the otter that popped up onto the embankment, saw us and promptly popped back off!  And surprisingly we did not encounter any snakes during our visit.



Adopted Kitty named Scully

Adopted Kitty named Scully

Scully came into my life in 1997.   She was brought to work in a shoebox by a co-worker.   She was found on their doorstep that morning and she was going to the animal shelter if no one wanted her by the end of that work day……Fast forward 20 years, yes TWENTY and Scully is nearing the end of her time with me.

Scully was likely only a few weeks old and we had to bottle feed her in the beginning.  She was about the size of a man’s hand.   She was the noisiest, most vocal kitten – always talking, yelling, and meow-ing to get our attention.    Her hair was a lot shorter when she was a kitten and she has this amazing skull pattern on her chest.   So, between being noisy and having the skull, we named her Scully!  Sorry X-files fans, not the reason for Scully.

For her entire life, when she was allowed, Scully has slept on me or by my side, usually tucked in by my shoulder.   She continues to do this, to this day and I relish these continued snuggles and purrs that will be coming to an end soon.

Scully has been diagnosed with advanced kidney failure (her values were fine last year) and at her age there are few options to try besides keeping her comfortable and making sure she has a good quality of life.   She still ‘yells’ at me when she wants to go on the back porch or thinks I’m not putting her food down fast enough.  She still gets in bed with me each night and has taken to sleeping almost on my head again, as she did as a tiny kitten.

She has been a blessing and a joy to be loved by.   She was unique in her own ways.   She liked you or she didn’t (ask Michele).   She LOVED, loved, loved shoes and flipflops that were recently worn, shoving her entire head inside and rolling around with them.   She still checks out freshly worn shoes to this day.

In 2014, I lost Sam cat, age 20 ½. In 2016, I lost my male Irish Wolfhound Brogan, age 7, and this year I will lose Scully.   The rainbow bridge continues to fill up.   I am heartbroken, sad and I am blessed.   Animals offer unconditional love and ask for very little in return (unless you are trying to sleep).   She has been there for me and I will be there for her when the time comes.   It is the only way I know how to love them unconditionally and to be holding them and talking to them when they go.

Soon, there will be only one.  Piper my female Irish Wolfhound and Pet Therapy teammate (age 5) will continue on with a much quieter household for the time being.