December has begun!

December has begun!

Here are my random thoughts of the day:

December:    It is already December 3rd!  So hard to believe.  I have done 6 days of mini-pet holiday sessions.  What a joyful way to spend my days.  And, oh the laughs and smiles as I process and edit the digital file photographs behind the scenes afterwards.  Then I get to wait and see which photographs my clients select.  I especially love when I am with them, when they see their images for the first time.


Print: Now I will continue to set up photo sessions that allow me to continue to grow and expand into PRINT.    Here are 4 highlights on print photography from Florida landscape photographer Carolyn Hutchins.  You can read her full blog post here:

1. Digital only goes so far, 2. There are innovative mediums to choose from, 3. You’ll uncover new perspectives, 4. Tangible is trendy

Think back to visiting your parents and grandparents and seeing all your family members in large portraits on the wall and in photo albums – reminiscing and laughing when you saw those images.  My goal is to help keep that magic alive in print form.

Christmas Trees: I am getting ready to put up my Christmas tree tonight. I’ll have some friends over and we’ll listen to Christmas music.  This year, the pink ornament tree is going up.   I have multiple themed Christmas trees.   Some years three or four trees go up around the house and screened porch.   Other years, like 2017, I’ll be putting up just one in the living room.  Some of my other themed trees are: Patriotic, Disney themed, Santa Claus, All my Family and Travel ornaments.  My white Christmas tree crapped out this year!  I broke the tree stand and was unable to fix it, remove it or swap it from another tree.  I’ll be looking for a new white, pre-lit Christmas tree on clearance after the 25th.  Hit me up if you see any locally.

New Head Shots for 2018: Feel free to reach out to me for those unique, outdoor head shots for your social media marketing.  Book those appointments and start out 2018 with fresh photographs to grab the attention of your clients.  Looking to show the world who you are?    What represents YOU and what YOU and your brand are about?   We can capture that together!

Life is too short to be unhappy!