Holiday Season 2017

The holiday season is upon us!

The last couple of months have been busy and eventful – both personally and professionally.   I’m working on getting blogging to happen more often and more from the heart.   ‘Talking’ about what I’m doing (and feeling) in a public forum does not come naturally to me.  However, I see the creation of photographs that tell a story, a snap in time, a piece of your life to be pretty darn personal; so, I want you to know more about me too.  I love the personal connections I’m making and growing with my clients, a   nd many have become amazing friends too!

I also now have an accountability partner (we are both photographers) and my promise to Lisa this week was to do a blog post.  I love the extra push this gives me to keep stretching outside my comfort zone.  It allows me to keep growing and expanding.

What have I been up to in November?   Three family birthdays and celebrations, Thanksgiving, helping a friend move, having surgery and recovery, dinners and bon fires with friends and taking lots and lots and lots photographs at my mini-holiday pet photography sessions!!  Special thank you to East Orlando Animal Hospital for selecting me as their client photographer this year.

I’ve been having a great time doing these mini-holiday-pet photography shoots.  Pet photography is a big piece of my photography business, though not the only genre I shoot, and I am loving it!    I cannot say this enough ~ I Love My Life!!

I love getting snuggles and kisses and funny photos!   I love the response of puppy parents (a few kitty parents), when they are amazed at my final prints: “how do you get the dogs to pose like that?”, “Awe, look at that face!”, “Oh my, I love them all, you make deciding which ones to purchase so hard!”.

I am rocking my goal of creating these lasting memories when I capture a photograph.   To evoke those feelings of love, laughter, silliness, seriousness, remembering.  Our animals can’t stay with us forever and our kids grown up and our parents age, but these photographs capture a moment in time to cherish.   At this time of year, I get to combine my love of Christmas and my love of animals with photography = Magic!


I wish you all the magic of the holiday season. Of remembering special memories from childhood and previous years and the wish that you continue to create memories every day!