PPA and Success

PPA Business Challenge – How Do I Define Success?

I am a PPA (Professional Photographer of America) member.  For the next year, I am enrolled in their Business Challenge course.   I’m excited to network and engage and learn from other amazing photographers in the industry.  Long-time professionals and newbies alike!   I had to answer the following questions and here are my responses:

How do you define success? What does success look like for you in your life?  I define success as loving what I do and enjoying everyday!   I want to make sure that the people I come in contact with personally and as a photographer are treated kindly, given a smile, and have a better day because we interacted.  I am passionate about life.  Life is too short to be unhappy.   Success is also having passive income (stock photography and other passive products/ventures) and being able to set my own schedule and spend time doing things I love and being with people/friends/family who are amazing.

What do you want/love to photograph?  I love capturing those one of a kind memories.

I love doing pet photography and travel/landscape photography.  This combines my love of animals and my love of seeing new places.   I also want to branch out into animal rescue and take photographs of pets available for adoption so more of them can find forever homes and be loved and spoiled as they deserve.  (see more below)


For my stock images, I tend to focus in on the smaller details of an overall scene or a unique angle of a regular item/event – although not necessarily macro photography.    I love capturing the joy of the moments that make up everyday life and celebratory events.  (see more below)


For my head shot clients, I want them to walk away from a session having enjoyed themselves, being more relaxed than when they started and finally – seeing the final proofs and LOVING the way they turned out.   These head shots represent what is unique about them in their individual business settings and how they want to be represented.   (see more below)


For my business/social media photography – again, I want to capture unique images that a) represent your business/product and b) are not the same images everyone else is using.   I want customers to see an image and stop…and do a double take at how unique an image is or what kind of emotion an image evokes and makes your clients want to learn more about you and your business.

Life is too short to be unhappy!   What do you do that is uniquely YOU and that makes others smile?