Reasons Why I Print

Reasons Why I Print Images

I made some fun deliveries last week and two things happened that made me smile and tear up!  I keep mentioning to clients, on my Facebook page, to friends – “I don’t just want to be a photographer, I want to be a photographer who creates lasting, beautiful works of art.”  Whether that is a Christmas ornament, a canvas wrap, metal print, or large gallery art item.  It is important to me to not only capture these unique images, but to have them out and about and visible in clients’ homes.  Displayed, loved, appreciated, laughed over, smiled at.  You get the point.  I don’t want images to be in some digital otherworld, where you must search for it just to show it to someone for a few seconds on a digital screen.

The two experiences:

  1. A young lady – I gave her a special image from her session in a frame.  Her response was, first a hug, and then she said, “this may sound strange, but I’ve never owned a photograph in a picture frame before!”  I know for sure, that she already cherishes this, but more importantly she will see this every day and smile each time, many times, per day.  How cool is that!
  2. Another client of the Baby Boomer generation who does not even have email – When she received her framed image, her response was, “Thank you so much. I never would have taken the time to bother putting it in a frame.  I will cherish this forever!”

These were such amazing compliments and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about how that small ‘thing’ changed all three of us that day.  What are you doing to preserve your memories in images besides keeping them on an electronic device somewhere?